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Environment, Human Rights

Our people are our greatest asset. To that end, we will continue to provide our staff a safe, healthy and stable working environment while developing their skills and rewarding their efforts.

We treat our employees without discrimination due to race, sex, age, disability, religion, pregnancy, ancestry, national origin, marital, and veteran status. We give everyone fairly opportunity.

We trained our staff on chemicals that they exposed to during their work and provided information on how to protect them from harm. Our supervisor must label chemical containers, make material safety data sheets with detailed hazard information available to all the staff, and all chemicals are disposed of safely and make sure they will not contaminate our environment.

All the printing films, plates and wasted paper are recycled, and all chemicals are disposed of safely.
We use only environmentally harmless glues in our binding process, taking special care with children's products.

One more important thing is...

We do NOT employ child laborers under 18 and NO work is subcontracted to prisons in China.


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